Ram Rahim’s henchwomen, who forced girls to satisfy his sexual needs, roam free

In a shocking truth, it is learnt that Gurmeet Ram Rahim not only had raised a private army of castrated followers and had a qurbani dal (sacrifice group) but also had employed a group of henchwomen who lured and coerced innocent girls into satisfying his sexual needs.

These henchwomen, forgetting that they too had undergone the same trauma once, acted like programmed robots and accepted every command given to them to bring a new girl every night to gratify the physical needs of the controversial godman who did not spare even children.

It is gathered that Gurmeet Ram Rahim had not only abused girls, but also enjoyed consensual sex with some senior female followers who were close to him and lived the way he wanted. Later, they became his trusted henchwomen and started luring other innocent women for him. It is also alleged that some politicians and officials were also regulars at Dera Sacha Sauda and were pleased with wine, women and money.

Ram Rahim’s henchwomen behaved like unemotional human robots, who just did his bidding and weren’t moved by the countless screams of girls whose voices drowned in the den (gufa) where he raped and abused them. This arrangement continued until the law took its course and put Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh in prison, which he had evaded for 15 long years, being hand-in-glove with Haryana’s politicians.



Connectia Solutions now serving Moodbidri

Moodbidri: Renowned training and placement institute in Mangaluru, Connectia Solutions has extended its service by opening a branch office in Moodbidri.

Started in the year 2014, the firm has served more than 100 clients and numerous students in identifying strengths, mentoring them and guiding them to obtain the right career.

With organising multiple workshops for soft skill and personality development training, the company has helped many students to fill the gap in transition from a student to a working professional.

The new branch office was inaugurated by “Nirel” movie fame Deepak Paladka  and Retired Army officer Bhaskar Shetty.

Speaking to the Namma Karavali, operations Manager of Connectia, Gautham Shetty said that the firm would work on the same virtues of training job seekers into professionals.

Namma Karavali team wishes them all the very best and success on all their future endeavours.




RJ Errol: Journey to Big World was never easy

-Nisha Shetty

Errol Gonsalves, popularly known as RJ Errol is a Mangalorean Lad who has climbed the stairs of success in his own terms. Working at 92.7 BIGFM, having huge followers, a humble guy, here is the story of his journey to the Big world.

How did you begin your journey

All I can say is, world pushed me to the path of this  journey. It’s all conspired by the world. Like all others, I graduated, got placed in few companies through campus placements, later completed my Masters in Communication. Unlike others I did not have interest in being Doctor, Engineer or work for IT company, I was blank at one point of time where I did not know what to do nor I was financially strong. I started working in vehicle spare parts shop, later I became an insurance agent. I even worked in KMC Manipal hospital. I used to go for events as assistant.  One fine day, my friend told me about audition for RJ at local radio station and luckily I got through it. In the year 2011, I joined 92.7 BIGFM. I have served media line for almost 8 years for now and it feels great to do what you love.

Tell us about your family

Well, I can say I come from a family of big number. I feel blessed to be part of it. They have been quite supportive and have always showered me with their unconditional love and support.

So how was your journey to 92.7 BIGFM? 

Journey in BIG….  it’s like my home. Thanks to friend Avinash Kamath for referring me here. Also thanks to Darius Sunwala for fowarding my CV to BIGFM Bangalore. I would like to thank BIG for giving me an opportunity  to work here and making me what I am. Everyday its learning day for me. BIG gave me all freedom to go out of my box to do something unique.  I am happy to get good platform here which has made me better man today. The day you stop considering your boss as boss and start looking them as your mentor, that day you are in the right place to shape your future bright.

What motivates you? or let me rephrase how do you motivate yourself in this tough world?

I’ve less tolerance for unethical things. If I find someone involved in wrong act, I stay away from it. However I am a positive person and see positivism in everything around me. I think big, I do big so mostly I expect big. The thing with me is I never stayed in limit. By saying so, I am not telling I have misused my position. No, never ! I would never do any such thing that would hurt others. All I can say is I am just a simple man with little more honesty, little more truthfulness, little more good deeds around me.

Have you been part of any charity acts?

Well no ! I have not done any big charity work. However there are few things I do for my personal satisfaction. I have compassion towards abandoned/stray animals and I have responded for maximum cases. All thanks to Animal care trust for hearing me out.

What message you would like to give your fans?

I don’t consider anyone as fans, instead I look them as my friend. And yes I am blessed to have so many friends around me. All I say is there will be or are many who helped you ,supported you, stayed with you whenever you needed help, whenever you needed  support. So do not forget them when you climb the ladder of success. Also do not keep any expectations when you offer something to someone as it will always lead to disappointment.