Meet the weekend music Band – Bishop Gill Church, Tumkur

We all humans have our own way of relaxing ourselves from stressful life or hobby to spend our time in a most relaxing way.

Here is a group of 10 successful people who use their weekends to meet their passion.

Bishop Gill Chruch Worship Team, a group of 10 people showcase their talent every Sunday at 6.00 PM. Believe it or not, Most of them are Doctors !!!

Yes you heard it right. This is not a group of college kids. It is filled with people who are into serious profession in their life.

Weekend music band
Bishop gill church worship Team

So lets take you to quick sneak peek into the team

  • The First guy from top left is Binu Bill Bright, expert in accounts receivables and an expert drummer who uses double basses.
  • Next guy with microphone is Jacob. He is an architect by profession and an amazing vocalist.
  • Last guy on the first line is Ramesh, he is a India campus crusade staff and vocalist
  • Now Second line first photo with three guys is Jeffy who is a doctor by profession and a pianist
  • Then is Richard Rufus, Engineer by qualification,TA by profession and guitarist for the team
  • Next Shebin Christian is again a doctor in Columbia, Asia, Bangalore and a guitarist
  • Second row third guy is Benazer, dentist by profession and an amazing vocalist and guitarist
  • Third two first from left is Rachael a Doctor by profession and a brilliant vocalist
  • Third two second guy is Jinu Gill Bright . He is an electric percussionist for special effects. He is a a management student.
  • Last from third row is Chaitanya, an engineer for a German manufacturing company and a guitarist


Speaking to Namma Karavali Team, band member Richard Rufus says that Music is their passion. It gives them an unexplained pleasure and relieved them off from their work stress. They use their weekends in doing what they love and that is the Band
Bishop Gill Chruch. They play all kinds of music especially Gospel.

Richard Rufus works as IT HR with India’s best recruitment firm Wenger and Watson.

Take a look at some of their shows for yourselves.