Meet the man behind the Vual

Where there is a will, there is a way.. Truly said.

Namma Karavali Team spoke to one such dynamic young man who took is on taking IT industry to the next level.

These days startups have become a new trend. When some succeed some do not reach to the next level. It’s all about your talent and a pinch of luck.

Gautham Shetty - VUAL

Vual, is an IT firm started in the year 2016 by Mr.Gautham Shetty. The firm provides expertise service in the area of web development, app development, CMS, software design, logo making and ERP.  Vual has successfully served the top industries in the field of medicine, beauty, food products, health care and many more.

Today, we got opportunity to speak to Mr. Gautham Shetty, the strong wall of the Vual and here is what he has to say about his journey.

1. We heard you encourage start up projects and young entrepreneurs. So can tell us more about it.
– I believe that every person is a idea powerhouse, if you see the last 25 years this entire time has seen more progress in research, development and application of certain products that would have been considered obsolete just 50 years ago. So in a way our generation saw the change or we were the change, but with progress we are letting ourselves limit our horizons of thinking, i on a personal note believe that every idea is a great idea if powered by the right marketing tool and we incubate entrepreneurs and start-ups who have the idea and the patience to design, develop and make a product with an infinite life-cycle.

2. What is Vual ? What do you guys exactly deal with?
– We mainly, business wise deal with designing, development and deployment of softwares for every line of business and other tech based activities like data recovery and database management, now all of that is the boring part, Vual is mainly targeted towards open source development and connectivity of various other tech based developers and firms. A platform where ideas are discussed and implemented, with partnering for various ventures from multiple entities and risk free distribution of business as per locality and additional support form the VSociety so as to save costs on development and implementation. So basically a Nerd gathering is what i would call Vual.

3. Are you a leader or a follower?
– Both. I have always followed what is right and fair and lead where and when things looked the most adverse.

4. What are some of your leadership experiences?
– A leader is never complete without his team, so i would like to thank everyone who’s worked with me or for me so far. Working with Highland hospital has been one of the greatest experiences, as we began the project from scratch, with an solid groundwork and vision in place by Dr.Abdulla Yasser, we implemented the website as a part of the branding phase first and then proceeded in setting up of people management software and other tech installations. We plan to digitize the hospital completely by the end of 2018, as a lead for the project it has been a very amazing and an learning experience as i got to know, first hand a lot about the medical line of work.

5. Tell us about your journey as entrepreneur
– Its been a “_____________ ” , there is no word to describe my journey, some may call it perfect and some other may dispute otherwise, the thing is the journey has been wonderful so far cause of those few people who have been with me on this journey right there at my best, at my weakest all the time, no matter what.

6. What do you like the most and least about working in this industry ?
– The most i love about this business is meeting these wonderful talented people whom as i told before are powerhouses of ideas. The Generation X. We have so much so much unused, untapped potential right here and we miss it, we miss to see the beauty of the idea and what i can form into. and the dirty thing about this industry are the haters who are not ready to accept change or not willing to listen or venture into something that cannot be understood.

The Last Stop lounge Mangalore – Let the party begin

In this busy world, everyone of us run behind fame, money, power and the list goes on and on.

But what we forget is life is too small and sometimes real happiness lies in small things like a cup of coffee with dear ones or sometimes alone, a baby’s laugh, nature, beach view and again the list goes on with different choices of people.

For me my relaxation method would be quality time with my friends. So one night, I thought to myself “Hey!! why not I take a small time away from work and let myself loose.” I took my cellphone and called up my friends and asked for a night out. I must say I have one hell of friend circle who is as crazy as I am. We decided to do our crazy shenanigans at the “The Last Stop”.

The Last Stop lounge Mangalore

Now the place is really good with some good features. There are few things you must know the place if you have not tried it yet.

Location : The Last Stop is located in Forum Fiza Mall.


  • Good parking facility
  • Located in the center of the city
  • Good Ambiance
  • Separate smoking zone (You cannot smoke on the table)
  • Free shots for girls every Wednesday

Mangalore bar and restaurant - The Last Stop


Yummy Yummy in my Tummy. Here the food is simply amazing. You place an order and the cooks here make sure you get it by 20 minutes. Well for starters, you can try anything in chicken. And for main course I choose Veg Noodles. Now, I have eaten veg noodles in many places but I found different in this place was the gravy that give you with the noodles. I LOVED IT !!!! I would definitely recommend this.

However I noticed one thing that even though the quality of the food is high, the quantity of the food is little low.

The Last Stop lounge Mangalore Karnataka

Long story short, this place is definitely good for chilling with your friends, taking your partner for a date or may be some quality time alone.


Connectia Solutions now serving Moodbidri

Moodbidri: Renowned training and placement institute in Mangaluru, Connectia Solutions has extended its service by opening a branch office in Moodbidri.

Started in the year 2014, the firm has served more than 100 clients and numerous students in identifying strengths, mentoring them and guiding them to obtain the right career.

With organising multiple workshops for soft skill and personality development training, the company has helped many students to fill the gap in transition from a student to a working professional.

The new branch office was inaugurated by “Nirel” movie fame Deepak Paladka  and Retired Army officer Bhaskar Shetty.

Speaking to the Namma Karavali, operations Manager of Connectia, Gautham Shetty said that the firm would work on the same virtues of training job seekers into professionals.

Namma Karavali team wishes them all the very best and success on all their future endeavours.