The Last Stop lounge Mangalore – Let the party begin

In this busy world, everyone of us run behind fame, money, power and the list goes on and on.

But what we forget is life is too small and sometimes real happiness lies in small things like a cup of coffee with dear ones or sometimes alone, a baby’s laugh, nature, beach view and again the list goes on with different choices of people.

For me my relaxation method would be quality time with my friends. So one night, I thought to myself “Hey!! why not I take a small time away from work and let myself loose.” I took my cellphone and called up my friends and asked for a night out. I must say I have one hell of friend circle who is as crazy as I am. We decided to do our crazy shenanigans at the “The Last Stop”.

The Last Stop lounge Mangalore

Now the place is really good with some good features. There are few things you must know the place if you have not tried it yet.

Location : The Last Stop is located in Forum Fiza Mall.


  • Good parking facility
  • Located in the center of the city
  • Good Ambiance
  • Separate smoking zone (You cannot smoke on the table)
  • Free shots for girls every Wednesday

Mangalore bar and restaurant - The Last Stop


Yummy Yummy in my Tummy. Here the food is simply amazing. You place an order and the cooks here make sure you get it by 20 minutes. Well for starters, you can try anything in chicken. And for main course I choose Veg Noodles. Now, I have eaten veg noodles in many places but I found different in this place was the gravy that give you with the noodles. I LOVED IT !!!! I would definitely recommend this.

However I noticed one thing that even though the quality of the food is high, the quantity of the food is little low.

The Last Stop lounge Mangalore Karnataka

Long story short, this place is definitely good for chilling with your friends, taking your partner for a date or may be some quality time alone.