Christmas celebration in Mangaluru

Christmas Christmas time is near.. Time for toys and time for cheers..


Its Christmas magic everywhere !

People all over are seen grabbing some crazy deals at the shopping malls, catching up with their friends for a long chat, children running around with their presents, families spending time together.

Well Mangaluru surely looks like one hell of a place with beautiful Christmas decorations everywhere. Everyone is seen celebrating the festival with love, joy and friendship.

christmas celebration in mangalore

There was a time when one particular festival was celebrated by only that community and the rest would not bother about it. But luckily, we are not in that era anymore.

Festivals today have become more about friendship, unity, spreading peace and yes celebrating the occasion.

As we all know Christmas is an annual festival celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. The traditional Christmas narrative, the Nativity of Jesus, delineated in the New Testament says that Jesus was born in Bethlehem, in accordance with messianic prophecies; when Joseph and Mary arrived in the city, the inn had no room and so they were offered a stable where the Christ Child was soon born, with angels proclaiming this news to shepherds who then disseminated the message furthermore.

christmas in mangalore

Christmas is celebrated all over the world. Each country may have its own way of celebrating. For some its just a family gathering, while some find it an occasion to celebrate with their friends. Some rejoice it with their inner peace and some just it reason for holiday getaway.

christmas celebrations

christmas in mangalore

Did you know that in addition to ‘Christmas’, the holiday has been known by other names as well like ‘Midwinter’ , ‘Nativity’ and ‘Noel’ .

December 24 marked as Christmas Eve was celebrated with great devotion and love. Devotees all over the world will gather in their respective churches to partake in the Mass on Christmas Eve.







Stay healthy with Ashvin’s Fresh Fusion

Health is wealth. Truly said by our ancestors. If you are healthy, you can achieve anything in this world.

Meet Ashvin Shet, , a true Mangalorean by heart, a gym addict, a healthy lifestyle coach who managed to  also lose 66 kilos just from diet and exercise. Well if you think what’s the big deal in that !! Let me tell you that Ashvin was 166 kilos before getting in shape.

Fresh Fusion Mangalore

He is an aspiring body builder who wishes to compete in body building shows starting 2018 year end. He is passionate about maintaining healthy lifestyle and now taking his passion into profession, he has started his own venture.

Namma Karavali Team had a quick chat with him regarding his achievement and here is what he has to say:

Can you tell us something about your venture?

Well, I own a food chain by name Ashvin’s Fresh Fusion. I was fortunate enough to have a supporting friend who believed in me and invested in my project. Now we work side by side to leave a footprint in the food industry.

What is the motto of your organisation?

The main motto of my organization is Making unhealthy healthy. We are crippled with so much stress and hardships that 98% of the population  indulge in emotional eating which we don’t realize. We want people to change the way they look at food rather than thinking it as just a pleasure source or emotional stress buster. We ask people to eat healthy and stay healthy.

What made you choose this unique idea of business?

When one talks about eating healthy or dieting to lose weight or fix their health problems like Diabetes, Cholesterol, Blood pressure etc, we are all under the illusion that its mainly boring salads, vegetables and boiled chicken. When in reality, its not.

People don’t know that healthy eating is interesting, yummy and most importantly beneficial to a longer life span. When I was under my journey, I was bombarded by several questions like what did you have? Did you eat boiled veggies and salads? Did you stop chicken? Did you take any magic pill or powder? Best way to lose weight etc and several other question which pops in one’s head when they see one having lost noticeable weight.

This made me realize that not a lot of people are educated or know the reality of weight loss or weight gain. This paved the way to start this business.

Tell us something about your fitness regime on how you managed to lose weight?

Well, I eat 6 times a day, workout 7 days a week of which 5 days is weight training and other 2 days are just active rest where in i do 1 hour of cardio like walk or climbing my apartment staircase.

Currently, I am training with the ambition of competing next year, so I calculate each and every ingredient that falls on my plate with one goal only.

At the start, I didn’t have a proper coach (I don’t have now also but I manage to go about doing what I have to). I read on the internet, learnt how one should start to diet and created my own diet chart and just kept following it religiously. It was very slow but patience and consistency gets a long way. Once you start seeing results, it becomes an addiction. I used to exercise 6 days a week; mostly 1.5 hours of weight training and 30 minutes of cardio daily. In no time, I lost a total of 66 kilos.

There is more to actually understanding how one has to lose weight but I am not sure if it all can be covered on this interview. To make things for people who are trying to lose weight, I have a group created on Facebook with the only intention of helping people lose weight. There we have Pdf files which people can use to see how diet works and if read correctly, they too can create their own diet and kick start their journey. You can find the link to the group here

Tell us something about your unique venture

We basically provide healthy food. All our meals are designed with a dietician in such a way that it ensures any person who has our meals on a regular basis will not gain weight no matter what.

Our meal boxes contain enough amount of carbs (main source of fuel for the brain) required by a human being with adequate amount of  protein (essential macro nutrient which helps in building damaged tissue and also keep hunger at bay) and healthy fats (required for your skin, proper hormonal secretion in your body).

We also do custom packages for people with medical issues or based on a person’s lifestyle goals. We have our in house dietician and clients with medical issues are generally requested to have a round of interview with her and then we design the proper package for the client and send them those meals.

Dietitians in Mangalore

Indian weight loss food recipes

What kind of service you provide?

We are one of the best Healthy Food Service providers in Mangaluru. I come from a background who loves eating yummy food, so along with keeping the nutrition of the food intact, we pay equal importance to taste as well.

We provide clean healthy hygienic food which is not laced with any additives, taste enhancers, excess amount of oils and most importantly, we try to bring out the flavors of natural ingredients itself and come with a delicious finished product.

How are you different from other hoteliers in the city?

Well, its difficult comparing Ashvins Fresh Fusion from others hoteliers as they are not in our league. But if i was to point out what sets us apart, I would state these following points,

Most hotels do not care for the oils they use. They use the cheapest oils possible as to make a food really tasty, you need excess amount of oil/dalda. And also to make quick buck, they use the cheapest oils. Where as we at Ashvin’s Fresh Fusion, we use only Coconut Oils, Olive Oil, Grapeseed Oil. We use oils only as much as required. We use enough oil so that the dish doesn’t stick to the utensil.

We calculate each and every ingredient that goes into our food which means, you are eating how much your body requires staying healthy and not inviting unwanted heart diseases. Studies show that almost 80% of the population is dying due to obesity related diseases and OBESITY happens only through bad food choices and unhealthy lifestyle. That’s why we often see heart attacks happening everywhere. Even the men as young as in their 30’s are dying due to same reason.

We use fresh ingredients. We buy our ingredients fresh and cook them fresh everyday  and serve them to our clients.

We serve food based on your lifestyle goals like Weight Loss, Weight Gain, Diabetes Control, Blood pressure control or any other problems caused  mainly due to food habits.

How do you manage to attract the crowd?

Well, the starting 8 months were very difficult but it’s been almost a year now and we are seeing that more and more people every day are getting health conscious and they come searching for us. But apart from this, I use social media to promote my food.

So yeah, the fitness trend, that rising awareness on how healthy eating is important is currently attracting our crowd. We entertain more and more people to adopt the healthy lifestyle through our posts, through my transformation journey.

Do you have any offers on the food?

Yup, we do. For people who are serious about their health, we offer them monthly packages at discounted rates.

Tell us some tips to stay healthy

  • Eat out less unless you are sure they are healthy.
  • Eat more of whole and homemade foods and stay away from processed/packaged foods.
  • Eat to refuel your body and not to satisfy your taste bud or stress.
  • Exercise daily. Exercise as simple as walking can help you go a long way.
  • Dont fall prey to easy methods for weight loss as they are never sustainable. Remember, Rome was not built in a day. All great things take time to fall into reality.


Movie Review: Tiger Zinda Hai

tiger zinda hai movie review

Cast: Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif, Sudeep, Angad Bedi, Ivan Rodrigues
Director: Ali Abbas Zafar
Rating: 1.5 stars (out of 5)

If you have seen the prequel of this movie Ek Tha Tiger, it is no doubt that you will have high expectations from this movie.
However the new sequel movie ‘Tiger Zinda Hai’ lacks the main part  i.e LOGIC which is totally missing.

The film is filled with action scenes where you can see cars flying, shooting everywhere and some crazy stunts by Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif.  It is surely a treat for Salman and Katrina fans to see their favorite star kick some a**es on screen.

tiger zinda hai latest news

The songs are not as great as the first part. Well, I cannot comment on this as there were mixed reviews for the song tracks.

Tiger Zinda Hai is a spy thriller directed by Ali Abbas Zafar. This movie seriously could have done much more better with sense of logic.

The plot summaries on Avinash Singh Rathore ‘Tiger’ played by Salman Khan who lives with his wife Zoya who was Pakistani spy, played by Katrina Kaif.  Both the couple leave from their cozy sinecure in Austria when they hear about a group of Indian and Pakistani nurses being taken as hostage by a religious extremists in Iraq.

Girish Karnad who plays the role of Spy Agency Chief puts Tiger and Zoya into the mission of rescuing the nurses from terrorists.

The movie is nothing but a treat for Salman fans as they buy his movie no matter how illogic it looks.

On a general note, this movie is a one time watchable.

The Last Stop lounge Mangalore – Let the party begin

In this busy world, everyone of us run behind fame, money, power and the list goes on and on.

But what we forget is life is too small and sometimes real happiness lies in small things like a cup of coffee with dear ones or sometimes alone, a baby’s laugh, nature, beach view and again the list goes on with different choices of people.

For me my relaxation method would be quality time with my friends. So one night, I thought to myself “Hey!! why not I take a small time away from work and let myself loose.” I took my cellphone and called up my friends and asked for a night out. I must say I have one hell of friend circle who is as crazy as I am. We decided to do our crazy shenanigans at the “The Last Stop”.

The Last Stop lounge Mangalore

Now the place is really good with some good features. There are few things you must know the place if you have not tried it yet.

Location : The Last Stop is located in Forum Fiza Mall.


  • Good parking facility
  • Located in the center of the city
  • Good Ambiance
  • Separate smoking zone (You cannot smoke on the table)
  • Free shots for girls every Wednesday

Mangalore bar and restaurant - The Last Stop


Yummy Yummy in my Tummy. Here the food is simply amazing. You place an order and the cooks here make sure you get it by 20 minutes. Well for starters, you can try anything in chicken. And for main course I choose Veg Noodles. Now, I have eaten veg noodles in many places but I found different in this place was the gravy that give you with the noodles. I LOVED IT !!!! I would definitely recommend this.

However I noticed one thing that even though the quality of the food is high, the quantity of the food is little low.

The Last Stop lounge Mangalore Karnataka

Long story short, this place is definitely good for chilling with your friends, taking your partner for a date or may be some quality time alone.