Karnataka to stay bandh on April 12

It is quite old news or say issue that people raising their opinion on distribution of Cauvery water. We all are aware that there is mixed opinion of public stepping forward to help Tamil Nadu in sharing Cauvery water.

Now I do not know who is right or who is wrong? Well, we are not here to discuss this issue.

Namma Karavali Team would like to inform you that Pro-Kannada outfits have called for a bandh in poll-bound Karnataka on April 12 in a counter to the ongoing stir in neighbouring Tamil Nadu for an early setting up of the Centre to form Cauvery Management Board (CMB).

The Karnataka bandh call came amid the DMK-led opposition parties observing a state-wide shutdown in Tamil Nadu on Monday, demanding early setting up of CMB to ensure water for farmers as per the Supreme Court orders.

As I said before, right or wrong, justice or injustice, just stay informed and be prepared in case of bandh as there are high chances of all the shops and services remaining closed.

Why do medical students wear aprons in public?

Wherever I go, it might be shopping complex, malls, movie, in buses and other public places what I see the most is people wearing white coat, sometimes with stethoscopes.

I understand, it is indeed a pride to identify oneself as medical professionals. But there is a place  and time for everything.

These young professionals spend money in lakhs sometimes in crores to become a doctor or nurse or specialist. But what is the use, when you lack common sense.

wearing aprons in public

Now I am not saying all medicals professionals are same. However there are some knucklehead who dont even know what is apron and for what are they wearing it.

Now studies show that 95% of overcoats were found positive for bacterial isolates like Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Klebsiella sp, Escherichia coli, non-fermenting Gram-negative bacteria and Staphylococcus aures. Wearing aprons in public places can only make things worse.


Why do medical students wear aprons in public?

Few days back I saw couple of girls (I guess they are studying medicine) at Big Bazaar picking vegetables for their home. Now I kept thinking to myself, who the hell are they treating there? A week before that I saw apron coats chilling in KFC and to top of that they were taking tour visit on the polluted streets of the city.

Two things these “DOCTORS” need to understand
1. You are putting your patients life at risk . As you are carrying the germs
at the hospital with that dirty apron.
2. NOBODY I repeat NOBODY CARES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. No one gives a shit about what you are doing or who are you.

Wearing apron in public place is not a crime. But putting a patient life at risk despite knowing it or ignoring it just because you want to show off with people is a crime. It is unethical on your part as you hold a very important role in the society.


Christmas celebration in Mangaluru

Christmas Christmas time is near.. Time for toys and time for cheers..


Its Christmas magic everywhere !

People all over are seen grabbing some crazy deals at the shopping malls, catching up with their friends for a long chat, children running around with their presents, families spending time together.

Well Mangaluru surely looks like one hell of a place with beautiful Christmas decorations everywhere. Everyone is seen celebrating the festival with love, joy and friendship.

christmas celebration in mangalore

There was a time when one particular festival was celebrated by only that community and the rest would not bother about it. But luckily, we are not in that era anymore.

Festivals today have become more about friendship, unity, spreading peace and yes celebrating the occasion.

As we all know Christmas is an annual festival celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. The traditional Christmas narrative, the Nativity of Jesus, delineated in the New Testament says that Jesus was born in Bethlehem, in accordance with messianic prophecies; when Joseph and Mary arrived in the city, the inn had no room and so they were offered a stable where the Christ Child was soon born, with angels proclaiming this news to shepherds who then disseminated the message furthermore.

christmas in mangalore

Christmas is celebrated all over the world. Each country may have its own way of celebrating. For some its just a family gathering, while some find it an occasion to celebrate with their friends. Some rejoice it with their inner peace and some just it reason for holiday getaway.

christmas celebrations

christmas in mangalore

Did you know that in addition to ‘Christmas’, the holiday has been known by other names as well like ‘Midwinter’ , ‘Nativity’ and ‘Noel’ .

December 24 marked as Christmas Eve was celebrated with great devotion and love. Devotees all over the world will gather in their respective churches to partake in the Mass on Christmas Eve.







The Last Stop lounge Mangalore – Let the party begin

In this busy world, everyone of us run behind fame, money, power and the list goes on and on.

But what we forget is life is too small and sometimes real happiness lies in small things like a cup of coffee with dear ones or sometimes alone, a baby’s laugh, nature, beach view and again the list goes on with different choices of people.

For me my relaxation method would be quality time with my friends. So one night, I thought to myself “Hey!! why not I take a small time away from work and let myself loose.” I took my cellphone and called up my friends and asked for a night out. I must say I have one hell of friend circle who is as crazy as I am. We decided to do our crazy shenanigans at the “The Last Stop”.

The Last Stop lounge Mangalore

Now the place is really good with some good features. There are few things you must know the place if you have not tried it yet.

Location : The Last Stop is located in Forum Fiza Mall.


  • Good parking facility
  • Located in the center of the city
  • Good Ambiance
  • Separate smoking zone (You cannot smoke on the table)
  • Free shots for girls every Wednesday

Mangalore bar and restaurant - The Last Stop


Yummy Yummy in my Tummy. Here the food is simply amazing. You place an order and the cooks here make sure you get it by 20 minutes. Well for starters, you can try anything in chicken. And for main course I choose Veg Noodles. Now, I have eaten veg noodles in many places but I found different in this place was the gravy that give you with the noodles. I LOVED IT !!!! I would definitely recommend this.

However I noticed one thing that even though the quality of the food is high, the quantity of the food is little low.

The Last Stop lounge Mangalore Karnataka

Long story short, this place is definitely good for chilling with your friends, taking your partner for a date or may be some quality time alone.